Where to Find the Best Lotto Number List Satta Matka

The Hot Number Strategy is a lottery strategy that has been around for quite awhile. The approach was that the top lottery numbers were the HOT numbers. This lottery strategy is still employed by lottery players around the world and that is really sad. But, it is understandable why it was so well-received. The marketing hype surrounding it created a marvelous fantasy. A fantasy that sounded good, appeared to make sense, was easy to understand and implement but was pure malarkey spun by an Irish leprechaun.

A few years ago, I was the first to uncover the flaws in this lottery strategy. I have been crusading ever since to shed some light on the subject. But, there was one truth hidden in the strategy that did capture my attention. After some time, I was able to unravel my first surprising breakthrough in lottery number analysis by pulling, pushing and picking at this one thread. I call this technique Cycles.

HOT Lottery Number Strategy

To lay the ground work for a discussion of Cycles, let’s explain the basis of the Hot Number Strategy. It is an excellent lead in to a discussion of Cycles. The Hot Number Strategy simply states that the lottery numbers that have hit in the last 10 drawings must be somehow HOT numbers. HOT numbers being lottery numbers that you should play. Matka Apparently, their recent activity makes them HOT. So they say. It is easy to see why many people fell for this pitch. But, the strategy begins to fall apart as soon as you ask some simple questions.

The fallacy behind the Hot Number Strategy lies in the assumption. Do you see what the assumption is? The assumption is that the best play list to use is the list of lottery numbers from the last 10 drawings. But, who says? Are we supposed to blindly accept that statement as truth? Where is the proof?

A Healthy Lottery Strategy

I can remember asking myself these very questions. And, asking these questions led directly to the critical question which was, ‘If the winning numbers from the last 10 drawings aren’t the best play list, then where do I find the best play list?’ As I worked the problem, I soon realized that a single lottery solution wouldn’t be satisfactory. The solution had to be robust; one that would work for every lottery.

The solution I was chasing also had to work for any size lottery, for 5 or 6 number lotteries and work over any period of the lotteries history. Basically, the solution needed to be universal. After many months of research and software development, a software program I created helped me find a solution.

Lottery Cycles

Surprisingly, the Hot Number Strategy is also a Cycle. It is called Cycle 1-10. The 1 refers to the last drawing (one drawing back) and the 10 refers to ten drawings ago (10 drawings back). Therefore, in preparation to play drawing 100 on Saturday, Cycle 1-10 would refer to drawings 90 through 99; the last 10 drawings. The winning numbers from these drawings would comprise your play list.

Now, HOT number aficionados always consider that Cycle 1-10 is the best. At this moment in a lotteries history, maybe it is; maybe not. So, instead of guessing, why not check the performance of all Cycles? For example, maybe Cycle 4-13 produces a better list; or Cycle 8-17 or Cycle 21-30. Making a good choice is crucial. After all, it would be a scandalous to spend your money on Cycle 1-10 when Cycle 25-34 was a better choice.

Here is a fundamental truth that all lottery players must accept and learn. No two lotteries are the same. A good lottery strategy for one lottery is a disaster for another. The best Cycle in one lottery is rarely the best in another. The entire idea that the Hot Number Strategy would work equally well for all lotteries is ridiculous. But, if you disagree, then I know this guy who is selling some ocean-front property in Arizona. Please forgive me George.

No, you’re not going to win the lottery jackpot just because you use Cycles. That’s just a silly thing to say. The only thing you can expect to accomplish is improve your chances of winning. Anyone who attempts to tell you otherwise would also try to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge. Again, sorry George.

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